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Racking Solutions

Conventional Pallet Racking Live Pallet Racking Drive-in Pallet Racking

Conventional Racking

The most universal system for direct and individual access to each pallet.

Live Pallet Racking

Optimal product turnover thanks to the movement of the load.

Drive-in Pallet Racking

Storage by accumulation with excellent use of available space.

Push-back Racking System Mobile Pallet Racking Clad-Rack Warehouse Racking

Push-Back Racking

Storage by accumulation that allows up to 4 pallets per level to be stored.

Mobile Pallet Racking

Increase warehouse capacity while allowing direct access to each pallet.

Clad-Rack Warehouse Racking

Large warehouses that do not require the prior construction of a building.

Cantilever Racking    

Cantilever Racking

Robust storage solution suitable for the storage of long products in arduous environments.